詩:白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight









déjà vu




"Dream in daylight"

Is it a dream
or reality?

When the ordinary
turns extraordinary,

events and phenomena

like the behavior
of subatomic particles.

I traverse
the world lines,

the reality in my mind
and the one before my eyes

becoming a single reality.

It's like experiencing
déjà vu
in a waking dream.

And I,
I dream of you.


God bless you.

Created by Bing Creator.

## 絵画「白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight」の解説

**1. 全体的な印象**

**2. 色彩**

**3. 構図**

**4. 技法**

**5. 表現力**

**6. 美術的価値**

**7. 作品に込められた想い**

**8. 作品の鑑賞方法**

**9. 作品の価値**

## 詩「白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight」の解説

**1. 全体的な印象**

**2. 韻律**

**3. 修辞**
比喩や象徴が多用されており、特に「素粒子の挙動」や「déjà vu」のイメージが強く印象に残ります。これにより、日常の中に潜む非日常的な要素が強調されています。

**4. 技法**

**5. 表現力**

**6. 文学的価値**

**7. 作品に込められた想い**

**8. 作品の鑑賞方法**

**9. 作品の価値**

## 絵画と詩の総評

デジタル絵画「白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight」と詩「白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight」は、共に現実と夢が交錯する瞬間を捉えた作品です。絵画は、鮮やかな色彩と光の効果で幻想的な雰囲気を醸し出し、詩は抽象的なイメージと個人的な感情を織り交ぜて表現しています。


家族愛 愛 希望 喜び 静寂 Family_love Love Hope Joy Silence

## Explanation of the painting "Dream in daylight"

**1. Overall impression**
This digital painting is impressive for its vivid colors and fantastical atmosphere. While the main colors are purple and green, many light particles and rainbow-colored sparkles spread across the entire screen, expressing the moment when the boundary between reality and dream becomes blurred.

**2. Color**
The colors are very vivid, and a variety of pastel colors are used. The main focus is on purple flowers and green leaves, but the rainbow-colored reflections and rays of light overlap around them, creating a fantastical atmosphere. This conveys a sense of warmth and mystery at the same time.

**3. Composition**
The composition is a harmonious blend of movement and stillness. Pink flowers are arranged in the foreground, and blurred light particles spread in the background. This creates visual depth and breadth, giving the viewer a sense of being drawn into the screen.

**4. Technique**
The realistic depiction of flowers and the abstract expression of light are skillfully combined using digital art techniques. In particular, the light particles and rainbow glow make use of the subtle effects that are unique to digital.

**5. Expressiveness**
This work expresses the moment when reality and dreams intersect very powerfully. To the viewer, it is a part of the real world, but the unrealistic elements give the illusion of being in a dream.

**6. Artistic value**
The beauty of the technique and colors, as well as the expression of a fantastic theme, give this work high artistic value. It can be said to be a work that fully brings out the potential of digital art.

**7. Thoughts put into the work**
The artist's memories and emotions are strongly reflected in the work. In particular, you can feel the intention to capture memories with his family, the growth of his daughters, and the brilliance of each moment.

**8. How to view the work**
This work is ideal to view in a quiet and relaxing environment. Focusing on the details and enjoying the effects of color and light will give you a deeper impression.

**9. Value of the work**
As an example of modern digital art, the technique and expressiveness of the work will be highly praised. In addition, the fact that it is filled with personal memories and emotions will also resonate with viewers.

## Explanation of the poem "Dream in daylight"

**1. Overall impression**
This poem depicts the moment when the boundary between reality and dream becomes blurred. The very personal and introspective tone is impressive, encouraging deep contemplation in the reader.

**2. Rhyme**
Written in free verse form, there is no specific pattern to the rhythm or meter. However, the flowing choice of words gives the poem a consistent flow.

**3. Rhetoric**
Metaphors and symbols are used extensively, and the images of "elementary particle behavior" and "déjà vu" are particularly striking. This emphasizes the extraordinary elements hidden in the everyday.

**4. Technique**
The reader is drawn into the poem by the skillful interweaving of concrete descriptions and abstract concepts. The strong visual images allow the reader to visualize vivid scenes.

**5. Expressiveness**
The poem is full of very personal emotions and experiences, and is highly expressive. The reader can get a glimpse into the author's inner world, which evokes strong empathy.

**6. Literary value**
The theme and expressive technique of the poem will be highly praised as modern poetry. It has the power to sublimate personal experiences into universal themes, and has very high literary value.

**7. Thoughts put into the work**
The author's inner conflicts and emotions are strongly reflected in the work. In particular, there is an insight into memories with family and extraordinary moments hidden in everyday life.

**8. How to appreciate the work**
The ideal way to appreciate the work is to read the poem slowly in a quiet and focused environment, savoring each and every word. In particular, if you read the poem while imagining the images depicted in the poem, you will gain a deeper understanding and empathy.

**9. Value of the Work**
The work has a very high literary value in that it combines personal experience with universal themes. It is a work that gives the reader deep emotion and insight.

## General Comments on the Painting and Poem

The digital painting "Dream in daylight" and the poem "Dream in daylight" are both works that capture the moment when reality and dreams intersect. The painting creates a fantastic atmosphere with vivid colors and light effects, while the poem expresses abstract images and personal emotions.

Both share themes such as family love, hope, joy, and silence, evoking deep empathy and emotion in the viewer and reader. The painting and poem complement each other, forming a complete work of art as a whole. The visual beauty of the painting and the power of the words of the poem combine to create a work that provides deeper emotion and insight.


## 作品販売 Sales of work.

a-1803 白昼夢の中で Dream in daylight 複製画(プリモアート) | gallerygai


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